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Dirty Icons <3
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December 2008
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Dru [userpic]

[19] Tin Man


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Some of them were icons I made to use on the tinman_stamps community, but I figured I'd share them anyway ^_^

#3 says: She walks in beauty like the night

All I ask is that you don't claim my icons as your own. Credit would be appreciated, but I won't go chopping your head off if you don't.

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Current Music: "Pixie" - Ani Difranco

these are BEAUTIFUL.*happy sigh* I ADORE the Raw one you did, he hardly EVER gets icons! it breaks my little fangirl heart.*tear*
anyways, I also adore the Az ones, she does walk in beauty, for sure!*claps* hands. I have a question though. I'm new to livejournal and I don;t know hwo to credit poeple when I use their icons. Is there any special process?

LOL, I know, poor Raw! I might do another batch when I have the time with more of him ..

Most people just put made or by and then the person's username. If you go on iconic_madness's profile and scroll down, they have a little graphic that shows you how you can do it :)

thank you very much! and that would be SO AMAZING if you made more Raw ones. You do him justice.^^

Thank you! :D

ur most welcome! I went to iconic_madness, but I didn't see a graphic. ugh, I'm sry, I'm so lost and I don't mean to keep bothering you.^^ I'll figure this out.^^

XD it's okay.

Er, that was me. Stupid old LJ name -_-

btw, might i add you as a friend?

thank you for your patience!XD