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Dirty Icons <3
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Dru [userpic]
Tin Man mini-series

16 icons from the first part ^_^








Lavender Eyes

Text on the first one says "some things you do because you want to.  some things you do because of the needs of others in your family" which I took from http://quotationspage.com

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Those are gorgeous :O
I love the colouring :D

I'm totally snagging the two Cain icons, plus the DG bitchface icon *giggle* ;)

OMG!Those are absolutely amazing. Beautiful. Gorgeous.

Thank you! :D

Awwww. These are lovely. :D

Great job!

Thankies :)

These are great! Am snagging the DG 'bitchface' icon. thanks!

hehe, thanks! :D

Just stumbled on this community - definitely snagging a few - esp. #1 of the DG series. Your icons are fantastic! Will definitely credit.

Glad you like them ^_^

Snagged a few. Really great, specially the DG ones. XD

i am snagging one of the glitch icons (will credit of course!)

I've been looking for a good Glitch icon for weeks. Snagging the second, it's adorable, will credit. These are fantastic.

Love, love, LOVE the DG "this is my not amused face". Snagging it and the second Cain one, because, well, you just can't have enough pretty Cain icons. Beautifully done.

Beautiful! I'm snagging that first DG one and both Cain's. Will credit if I use them. :-)

totally snagging not amused DG. Of course I'll credit you.